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By Kirill (on 2009-12-13 @ 12:49:00, in Console, read 10324 times)

Well... unless you use Console, I can't help you. But if you do, you may need to upgrade to the latest build. But before you do that, you may want to add this article to your Web Slices. Please, welcome:

Console by Kirill (beta)

Updated on October 21st, 2011
The new, unofficial build 148.2 is now available.
What's new:

  • Based on the official 148, hence includes cmd-style selection and double-click to select a word
  • Per-tab colors map

For those, who would like to use different colors in different tabs, as a M&M commercial says: "Your final wish has been granted". Now if you want to change colors in all your tabs, you would go to Edit > Settings > Console and change the map. But if you want to use a different tint of red for your Git tab, you can: in Edit > Settings > Tabs, select the tab you want to change and go to the Colors tab (that's a lot of tabs for one sentence). The story started when I read Scott Hanselman's blog post about the Console. I value Scott's opinion a lot, and that post meant a lot to me. There was also a discussion about word selection, which is available since the official 148. And then somebody mentioned Zenburn color scheme for Console available from Brian Reiter. I gave that scheme a try and generally liked it, but somehow it seemed a bit too dark for my Git tab. So, it was time to help myself and others.

Here is a list of 148.2 builds:

Updated on September 27th, 2011
The new, unofficial build 147.6 is now available.
What's new:

  • Double-click selects a word
  • "Forgiving" click to copy
  • Easy unselect
  • Help updates by Vivian De Smedt

Have you been waiting for cmd-style selection for awhile? If your wait was not about rectangular selection, I think you'll love the new build. With some settings tweaking, you can make it work almost like in cmd.exe: double-left-click (Hotkeys > Mouse > Select text assigned to Left) to select a word, left click anywhere if the wrong word was selected, left-drag to select some other text, right click (Hotkeys > Mouse > Copy/clear selection assigned to Right) *anywhere* (Behavrior > Position-sensitive copy unchecked) to copy, right click one more time to paste (Hotkeys > Mouse > Paste text assigned to Right). Note: double-click will select a word as if the visible part was the whole thing. In other words, if your "word" extends past the visible portion of Console, the invisible portion will not be selected. You can download custom console.xml that is configured to mimic cmd.

Here is a list of 147.6 builds (zip files are a bit bigger this time because they include updated help file):

Updated on April 23rd, 2011
The new, unofficial build 147.4 is now available.
What's new:

  • Unblocking help file when Console was installed by extracting from an archive. Thanks to Elias for making me read the doc :)
  • -safe command line switch to make sure that Console starts
  • The full command line support when reusing the previous instance
  • The installer

Did you play with settings a bit too much and now the Console does not start even without any arguments? Did you like alpha-transparency so much that you set it at 255 and now you can't see it? Finally, you can start console -safe and see fully opaque window with the default command processor (or cmd.exe if you don't have one). Now... go and change your settings!

As noted couple times in the forum, if one downloads the binary archive and extracts it, the Help will not show any content. The reason, as explained in the forum, is that downloaded archives are marked as "unsafe", and when they're extracted all files are marked as "unsafe", and the help viewer does not want to display anything from an unsafe CHM. The solution turned out to be simple.

In November 2010, the -reuse swith was added to support reusing the Console instance, but back then I was lazy and supported only -t arguments [because that's all I needed for Jump List support]. But people were unhappy, so, the 147.4 passes the whole command line to the previous instance. Obviously, -c "config.xml" and -safe args are ignored.

And I'd like to reassure those, curious about what happened to 147.3 build, that I do know how to count :) It's just the -safe switch was not safe enough.

Here is a list of 147.4 builds:

Updated on November 20, 2010
The new, unofficial build 147.2 is now available.
What's new:

  • Almost all goodies of the official build 147.
  • Limited support for single-instance
  • Support for Jump List in Windows 7 (highly experimental)
  • Complete sources are available on GitHub

"Almost" is because I haven't included the required files to support running Win32 shells on x64 platforms because it's way too unstable.
Single-instance is activated by -reuse switch. Only one reusable instance is supported. The second instance, launched with -reuse, will honor only -t "TabName" switches.

Here is a list of 147.2 builds:

Updated on February 12, 2010
The new, unofficial build 146.1 is now available, thanks to Phillip Foose for multiple patches, GrayNM for an inspiring patch, and SRobertJames for his push for the newer build.
What's new:

  • Bug Fix for 2250711 by Phillip Foose
  • Bug Fix for 1959580 by Phillip Foose
  • Feature 2002160 (aka Bug 2924201) is implemented
  • Minor fixes in enhanced drag-and-drop
  • Complete sources are available on GitHub

Here is a list of 146.1 builds:

Updated on January 23, 2010
Thanks to Jason, the link to the x64 build is now fixed.
Source news: the sources for my builds are slowly appearing on GitHub

While this web slice is new [to me], updates may come every 2880 minutes (i.e. every other day).

Updated on December 12, 2009

  • Everything from the official version
  • better fix for Win7 lockup
  • Russian localization changes from koros aka ya158. Спасибо, ya158, за исправления! Действительно, многие термины выглядят теперь лучше.
  • 64-bit version is now included in the package

Here is a list of available builds:

Note: don't forget to copy console.xml from the official distribution. And if you download the full package, don't forget to copy it to both folders - one copy next to console.exe and one copy next to x64\console.exe

Small note about the "better fix". The official version, in my humble opinion, does not fix all possible hangs. But the unofficial build should never hang on Windows 7.

И немного о русской версии. Я внимательно посмотрел все исправления, предложенные ya158 еще в июле 2009. Но, по-моему, некоторые из них выглядят хуже, чем наши с Виталием. Поэтому, в моей версии использовано "лучшее из лучшего". Отдельное спасибо, ya158, за Подчеркивания в диалоге настроек! Кроме этого, некоторые очепятки были исправлены по ходу дела.

Somebody, extremely curious and suspicious, may ask "Why have you formatted this article as a web slice? Who needs all those troubles? Are you going to take over my browser?" And the answer is unbelievably unprofessional: for no reason; I do; no, I don't. But it's so easy. And Nancy Strickland described them so nicely in a web course that I thought "why not?"

Another reason is that I'd like to make this article a permanent source of new versions of Console. And now "you can keep up with frequently updated sites directly from the new Favorites Bar", of course, if you have Internet Explorer 8. It's not that I'm going to re-build Console frequently - there are other things in life, not necessarily better, but definitely time-consuming - but, at least, you can easily see when that happened.

Another anticipated question is "What's the purpose of the combined package? And how do you detect whether I'm running on 64-bit Windows?" The first question is simple: the purpose is to "mitigate" the fact that Console cannot see certain files. Of course, as explained in that forum thread, 32-bit Console can't see certain 64-bit files by design, and I'm not going to fight that. But how many people can actually say which version of Windows they're running? Unless you read this article this far, you probably can't. Oh! Wait! You did read it this far, so you may consider the reasoning flowed. But what if you want to put Console on a USB or U3 drive (not that the combined package is U3-compatible)? You'll need to have two different versions and manually choose which one to load. Instead you can just grab the combined package and let Console decide which version will run on the system du jour better.

The second question is plainly interesting. I'm not going to pretend that America was discovered by yours truly. Instead you can read two great articles:

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By Kirill (on 2009-05-12 @ 03:49:05, in General, read 9094 times)

Have you ever listened to your travel agent when she was talking to the airline, confirming your flight? I have. Did you wonder how can she remember all those Alfa-Bravo-Charlie? I did.

If you haven't and didn't, but are interested in Google Web Toolkit or Microsoft OpenService Accelerators, or just want to play with cool-but-mostly-useless-gadget, keep reading.

So, after struggling to memorize that useful way of spelling, I finally had decided to help myself by writing a small utility to spell any text travel-agent-style. Well... it turned out that it's better known as NATO Phonetic Alphabet, "more formally the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet".

Problem #1 was which language to choose. How about Google Web Toolkit? You write piece of Java code, compile and get fully functional JavaScript. You can even use Eclipse debugger if the first version is not "fully" functional.

Problem #2 was the task seemed rather boring. But few days later I learned about Internet Explorer 8 Accelerators. Let me tell you: Microsoft did not come up with such a brilliant idea for a very long time (since about .NET 3.5 :)

And here is the result of combining dev tools from Google and Microsoft technologies! Please, welcome "Translate to NATO Alphabet" gadget and an accelerator:

Please enter a phrase:

If you wonder whether you can have the source or just install this gadget on your own site or blog, you'll have to wait until the next update to this article.

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