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Time Tracking is now available from Nokia Store
By Kirill (on 2012-11-01 @ 22:37:32, in Time Tracking, read 10232 times)

Update January 5th, 2013: Version 1.2 is available:

  • soutien des nouvelles catégories de dépenses, à plusieurs niveaux;
    support for new, multi-level expense categories;
  • sélections du projet, de tâche, des taxes, de catégorie de dépenses sont restaurés au démarrage de la fonction;
    selected project, task, taxes, expense category are restored on the start of the app;
FreshBooks introduced multi-level expense categories in September 2012. They call them "tax-friendly" because they better align with what you would use in tax returns. And it didn't bother me for awhile since I haven't refreshed my settings (more importantly, it seemingly didn't bother people who actually purchased it from Nokia Store). That is until Québec introduced changes to the QST for 2013. At this point Time Tracking was seriously broken - upon refresh of taxes, it displayed all those 66 categories in one long, disorganized list. Version 1.2 fixes that.

Update July 22nd, 2012: Version 1.1 is available:

  • track your expenses right when you incurred them;
    suivi de vos dépenses dès que vous les engagées;
  • support for new Nokia phones (e.g. Nokia 808 PureView, certain models of Nokia 500, others);
    soutien des nouveaux téléphones Nokia (par exemple Nokia 808 PureView, certains modèles de Nokia 500 et autres);
  • there was an attempt to preserve notes and project selection when a user switches away from the app. The hope is that when the battery is going to die and the phone is going to turn off because of that, the app will get a signal and can save some data. Unfortunately, tests have shown that it may or may not happen. Sorry, folks. Keep your phone charged ; - )

Are you a freelancer who bills by hour? Or a small business owner with a team of consultants who bill by hour? If so, do you use FreshBooks? (if not, why not sign up now?)

If you answered "yes" to any of above questions, and you've been disappointed because you could not use their Time Tracking feature on your Nokia smartphone, please, give a warm welcome to Time Tracking for FreshBooks! It is now available from Nokia Store.

S60 5th Edition (like Nokia C6-00), S60 3rd Edition FP2 (like Nokia E72), Symbian^3 (like Nokia C7), Symbian Anna (like Nokia 500) are supported by version 1.0.

Time Tracking est maintenant disponible en franšais depuis Nokia Store aussi. Malheureusement, le site de FreshBooks n'est pas disponible en franšais, mais vous pouvez envoyer des factures en franšais. Si vous avez des questions, s.v.p., envoyez-moi un message.

I've been using FreshBooks for about half a year. And it is quite simple to use, some would even say that it's not flexible enough. And about the only feature I was missing is mobile time tracking widget. Nokia provides Eclipse-based Web Tools, so, I solved my problem. Hopefully, I solved yours along the way ; - )