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By Kirill (on 2007-05-19 @ 15:53:34, in General, read 12940 times)

Welcome to my new site!

Even though, it's powered by dBlog, it is not a blog.

For those curious how I managed to bring up an Italian blog platform, here is the steps:

  • Follow the first two steps on dBlog site.
  • Apply English language pack from their laboratory.
  • Modify inc_modulo_metatag.asp to set language to English
  • Modify inc_funzioni.asp to set an English as LCID:
    Session.LCID = 4105 ' 1040 = it-it, 4105 = en-CA
  • Modify pagina.htm to comment out STUFF and INFORMAZIONI modules.
  • Spend some time in Configuration section of the Control Panel.

You might want to edit:

  • inc_funzioni.asp to make InviaMail to work on your host.
  • foglio.css to adjust font - I do like Georgia, but not that much - and tables width.
  • pagina.htm to include Google Analytics script.

Stay tuned for more info on service providers, tips and tricks and just facts.

If you know how to bring up a wiki, using only ASP and Microsoft Access, please, let me know