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Console 2.0 x64 for non-aesthetes
By Kirill (on 2009-01-29 @ 01:51:43, in Console, read 8239 times)

If you don't like background images but can't survive without alpha blending, this article is not for you.

Following a discussion about 64-bit build on the Console's forum and a friendly reminder from Marko about still-broken Console on x64 platforms, I've finally got anxious enough to get a new build out

Differences from the official Build 142 include:

  • 64-bit build
    Note: there is no real danger of downloading this version and trying it in your version of Windows XP or Windows Vista, but if you don't have a version that ends with "x64" you will get an error message "Console is not valid Win32 application", which is true by the way
  • alpha blending is always disabled
    The whole point of this build is to ask people with real x64 versions to assess what's better: no images or no alpha blending.
  • Additional processing of environment variables as described in Bug 2093153
  • All the changes of 138.3, в том числе русская локализация.

So, if you feel adventurous, please, give my first (at least, in public) x64 application: Console a shot.

Special thanks to Marko for continuing improvements to the great project, to Ronald "Ron" Blaschke for the first x64 build and Tomas Restrepo for saving me trouble to document another workaround for 64-bit alpha blending troubles.

Updated March 8th, 2009

Following the great success of my x64 build and immense popular demand (both of which are totally in my imagination), please, welcome Unofficial Console 2.0.142 for 32-bit systems by yours truly.

Features are the same as in the x64 build, except that Alpha Blending is enabled on 32-bit colors displays (which qualifies this version even for aesthetes, ClearType-lovers and Consolas font users, e.g. yours truly :)

Версия включает поддержку локализации новых настроек из официального релиза (а именно "Stop scrolling"). Как обычно, Ваши комментарии и предложения на OS zone будут приняты с благодарностью.

And your comments in English are more than welcome on SourceForge forum. For other localizations, please, take a look at [ 2542522 ] Other languages in the project's feature requests.