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Time Tracking is now available

New in version 1.2

  • support for new, multi-level expense categories;
  • selected project, task, taxes, expense category are restored on the start of the app;

New in version 1.1

  • track your expenses right when you incurred them;
  • support for new Nokia phones (e.g. Nokia 808 PureView, certain models of Nokia 500, others);

Original features:

Track the time you spent on a project and save it to your FreshBooks acount right when you are done with the task.

Time Tracking is very similar to Start/Stop Timer of the web site. It allows to select a project, a task, enter notes, and time your activity. The app can be controlled from a touch screen, a keyboard, placed on the homescreen, and is extremely simple.

You will need a FreshBooks account; click here to sign up. Additional data charges from your service provider may apply when you setup the Time Tracking and when you log your hours.

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How do I find Site Name and Token?
1. You log in to your FreshBooks site.
2. You go to My Account:
My Account link
3. You go to FreshBooks API
FreshBooks API link
4. You will see API URL and Authentication Token
Site Name and Token info
Forward and Backward buttons are incorrectly positioned
This may happen if you added the Time Tracking to your home screen while it was not running.
Workaround: start Time Tracking from the Applications menu and while it is running, add it to the home screen.
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