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Moto MIDlets Manager v0.85.2YEARS

Moto MIDlets Manager

Supported phones: E1 (ROKR, E790), E398, V635, C650, C380, C390, V220, V620, V535, V547, V360, L7, V3i, V3, E1000, V3x, E770, L7e, K1, Z3, V6 maxx and other.


  1. Install applications to a phone (into memory or on flash card) using JAD or JAR files
  2. Control permissions
  3. Remove applications
  4. Rename applications
  5. Save applications from a phone to your computer
  6. Control Java settings in seem 0032_0001.
  7. Adapt applications (games) for Motorola phones
  8. Copy applications from memory to flash card and back
  9. Save, restore and delete application data (rms)
  10. Assign applications to phone's buttons


Download from the main site as 7z file (link is "Moto MIDlets Manager")
or from this mirror as ZIP file

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